Bonnie Muncie, CRCM, AAP 

Virtual Compliance Officer

Bonnie Muncey, AAP, CRCM, serves as a Virtual Compliance Officer for Review Alliance team. She has over 25 years of experience in community banking. Her banking career includes roles in retail, operations, lending, compliance, and IT for a long-standing mutual savings and loan. In these roles, she’s developed policy and procedure, handled and then overwatched back-office operations, and been involved with database management throughout. 

Bonnie has previously served as a Compliance Officer, Security Officer and Board Secretary and has extensive experience preparing for regulatory exams, engaging with examiners, and board reporting. Bonnie also has a strong knowledge of HDMA and a knack for researching and analyzing regulatory changes, and overall compliance program management. Along with her other duties, she is one of our featured writers for C/A’s publications.