image for Brittany Fessler CRCM from Review Alliance

Brittany Fessler, CRCM, CCBIA, CERP

Certified Bank Auditor

Brittany Fessler, CRCM, CCBIA, CERP, works with Review Alliance as a Certified Bank Auditor. She has over 14 years of banking experience. Brittany received a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and her Master’s of Business Administration from Upper Iowa University. She’s also earned her CRCM and CERP.

In her time in community banking, Brittany has helped create compliance programs that allow banks to remain compliant as they grow through acquisitions. She’s served as the CRA officer and chaired the CRA Committee for an intermediate-small bank, navigated new loan origination software implementation, selected quality control vendors, established a quality control program for secondary market loans, and assessed compliance risks.

Brittany also serves as a featured author on various B/A publications..