chan Masselink virtual compliance offvcer

Chan Masselink, JD, CRCM

Associate General Counsel and VCO

Chan Masselink, JD, CRCM, is one of R/A’s Virtual Compliance Officers. He has a B.A. in Business Administration from Augustana University and a J.D. from Mitchell-Hamline University. Over his career, Chan has served as Compliance Administrator, Compliance Auditor, Chief Compliance Officer, and most recently, as General Counsel for a lender in Overland Park, KS. He was admitted into the South Dakota Bar.

Masselink’s 20-year lending and legal experience includes 10 years in mortgage areas, including a real estate, mortgage and law practice. Throughout his career, Chan has advised companies and financial institutions on a wide range of topics, including collections, servicing, privacy, insurance and elder law, as well as handled litigation and in-house research. He has been a proven resource in analyzing gaps and deficiencies, while recommending stronger policies and procedures.