Cindy Mims, CRCM

Virtual Compliance Officer

Cindy Mims, MBA, CRCM, serves as a Virtual Compliance Officer for the Review Alliance team. Cindy received her B.B.A. from New Mexico University and her M.B.A. with Honors at the University of Central Oklahoma. Cindy’s held a variety of positions in her 8+ year banking career including Digital Banking Compliance Consulting Manager, PPP Quality Control Supervisor, and Senior GRC Risk Analyst. She’s led detailed enterprise risk assessments across most federal regulatory and consumer compliance rules and regulations, while developing tools, procedures, processes, and controls.

Additionally, Cindy brings a strong background in fair banking, 3rd party fintech, marketing, and trend identification. She has also administered an Elevated Risks Committee tasked with minimizing exposure of any high residual risks with the company. Cindy also serves as a featured author on various B/A publications.