Renea Rush, CRCM, CCBIA

Virtual Compliance Officer

Renea Rush, CRCM, CCBIA, serves as a virtual compliance officer (VCO) for Review Alliance. Ms. Rush attended both Kearney State College and Fayetteville State University for Criminal Justice with a minor in Accounting. Throughout her banking career, she has attended various schools and training in AG Lending, commercial lending, as well as annual BSA, lending and deposit compliance seminars.

Renea has been involved in the banking industry for 25 years in many roles including loan support, commercial lender and most recently BSA/CRA/ACH/ Compliance Officer for the last 14 years. By participating in many other critical areas like IT Committee, new product launches and core system conversions, she has learned about all areas of banking. Renea has earned her CRCM from ABA and ICBA and her CCBIA.

Renea has worked with banks of all sizes; each with their own unique processes and procedures. Through this, she’s gained the knowledge that a healthy compliance culture is instrumental in the success of any institution. Effective communication and diligent training helps each side of the table understand the other as they tackle new and difficult regulations in the changing landscape.