Members Categories: Virtual Compliance Officer

image for Jesse train, CRCM, for Review Alliance

Jesse Tarin, CRCM

Virtual Compliance Officer Jesse Tarin, CRCM, joins Review Alliance as a VCO. Jesse has over 16 years’ experience working in the financial services industry, and has a wealth of expertise in compliance, which he developed while working as a Federal...


Denise J. Wiese, CRCM

Virtual Compliance Officer Denise Wiese, CRCM, serves as a Virtual Compliance Officer (VCO). Denise has over 30 years of experience working with small- to mid-size banks across the greater Midwest area. Working inside the bank and as a consultant has...


Amy King, CRCM

Virtual Compliance Officer Amy King, CRCM, serves as a Virtual Compliance Officer for Review Alliance. Her banking experience spans 25 years; most recently, she was Senior Compliance Risk Officer responsible for the bank’s BSA/AML program. Ms. King...