Staff Headings: Virtual Compliance Officer Team

image of Jill Newell

Jill Newell, CRCM, CPA

Jill Newell, CRCM, CPA, is a V. P. of VCO for Review Alliance. She’s worked in the financial services industry for just over 10 years working – as a financial examiner and regulator. She graduate Magna Cum Laude from Drexel University and...


Jennifer Kirby, JD, CRCM

Jennifer Kirby, JD, CRCM, has over 25 years’ experience in the financial services industry. She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Finance, and a JD from St. Mary’s University School of Law. She began her career with a national...


Merideth Rowland, CRCM

Merideth Rowland, CRCM, brings over 30 years banking experience to her role as V.P. of VCO on the Review Alliance team. She began her career at a small community bank in East Texas in 1989 where she worked while attaining her Bachelor’s and Master’s...